Largest Logistics and Installation Network

Elitetrak GPS has the largest GPS installation network in the Auto Finance/ Buy Here Pay Here industry. Elitetrak’s logistics staff uses it’s own specialized scheduling and deployment software to dispatch our installation technicians to appointments within 24-48 hours of notification. Elitetrak can also assist with data entry and initial device testing and verification. Elitetrak offers many turnkey solutions for the Auto Finance/ Buy Here Pay Here industry.

WANTED GPS Installers

EliteTrak GPS Tracking is currently accepting applications for GPS tracking installers in the Lexington, KY-Jacksonville, FL-Tampa, FL- Mobile, AL- Columbia, SC- and Winston Salem, NC areas. If you have prior 12volt installation experience we would like to discuss with you the opportunity to join the EliteTrak team. Send all resumes to and we will be in contact with you.

Tow Truck and Recovery Vehicle GPS Tracking

Elitetrak offers GPS fleet tracking devices that have the ability to monitor multiple inputs such as emergency lights, PTO inputs and other various inputs that are a must in the towing industry.

GPS Teen Tracking

Teen drivers have the highest crash risk for 2 reasons: Inexperience, and Immaturity. More than 1/3 of teen drivers fatally injured in an automobile were speed related accidents. Accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers. Drivers between the age of 16 and 24 are 20 times more likely to find themselves in a car accident thasn any other group. Don’t let your loved ones become a statistic. With the Elitetrak Teentrak GPS device it’s as though your sitting next to your loved ones whenever they’re driving. Know where your loved ones are at all times and monitor your loved ones driving habits. Our Teentrak GPS will give you piece of mind.

How GPS Tracking Can Help Your Company

Use our GPS fleet tracking to see where your vehicles are every minute on your PC screen. Get instant alerts on your email or phone. Our easy to use web interface let’s managers have all their critical fleet information with the click of the mouse. Companies realize a return on investment within weeks of using the system simply by the positive change in driver behavior.

Rental Vehicles

Keep track of rental inventory with a variety of products to minimize loss

Auto Finance / BHPH

Our BHPH/ Delinquency Management
GPS Tracker that helps you effectively
manage collections and repossessions

Features may include:

  • Up to 500 pooled locates per device
  • Free automatic daily locates – Easily track historical patterns on your customers vehicle.
  • Geofence alerts
  • Stop and Drive reports – easily track if the vehicle moves, or sits for extended periods.
  • Track with your mobile phone – A simple SMS/text message will give you an address of the vehicles location.
  • Text message and email alerts – Get alerts on your phone and/or email for geofence violations or stop/drive reports.
  • Starter disable
  • Road and satellite mapping
  • 1, 2, or 3 year packaged airtime plans
  • Low Voltage Notification
  • Optional backup battery – Get notified if vehicle looses power.
  • Optional warning buzzer – Online application allows you to send an audible buzzer sound to your customer to warn that payment is due.

EliteTrak Payment Buddy:

Our customized EliteTrak Payment Buddy software can significantly improve your collections by sending text message and/or email reminders to your customers

  • Schedule text/email payment reminders for multiple days prior to due date (7 days, 3 days, day of, etc)
  • Customize loan terms, payment dates, payment frequency or notification frequency. We can make it work for your company.
  • EliteTrak offers a variety of solutions for any size Finance Company or BHPH dealer.
  • Enter customer data yourself, or let us handle all the “hassle” for you.
  • “Train” your customers to pay on time by continually reminding them when payments are due.
  • EliteTrak Payment Buddy is an added feature to our GPS tracking devices. In order to take advantage of all its features, your company would need to use EliteTrak GPS and our installation/logistical services.

Fleet Tracking Systems

Improve driver productivity, safety, security, and customer service.
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Track your loved ones!

Protect your family members from danger.
Protect your valuable assets from theft.

Features may include:

  • Complete Usage – Get 1 to 5 minute updates with all day, every day communications so you can keep track of every detail of historical and current usage.
  • Free Automatic Daily Locates (easily track historical patterns on your vehicle.
  • Geofence Alerts – Get notifications if vehicle goes to, or leaves set boundaries.
  • Stop and Drive Reports – Easily track if the vehicle moves, or sits for extended periods.
  • Track with your Mobile Phone – a simple SMS/text message will give you an address of your vehicles location.
  • Text message and email alerts – Get alerts on your phone and/or email for geofence violations or stop/drive reports.
  • Starter disable
  • Road and Satellite Mapping
  • 1 or 3 Year Packaged Airtime Plans
  • Low Voltage Notification
  • Optional Backup Battery – Get notified if vehicle looses power.

Welcome To EliteTrak GPS Tracking!

Here at EliteTrak we are commited to providing the highest level of logistical services to an industry that no one else can provide, while offering affordable and dependable products.

EliteTrak GPS (t), was founded by President and CEO, Chris Ellison in 2005. With over 15 years of experience in Mobile Electronics and process driven customer service, Chris noticed an opportunity to be a step ahead of the rest of an industry that is known for providing good products, but lacking in “after the sale” service. EliteTrak GPS specializes in providing the highest level of logistics to industries including Sub-prime vehicle finance, sales and service companies that have employees driving company cars, and any type of company that needs protection of valuable assets. EliteTrak GPS is based just outside of Atlanta, GA and has sold/installed over 50,000 tracking devices all across the U.S.

As of today, EliteTrak supplies products and installation/logistical services to many of the nation’s largest sub-prime auto finance companies. EliteTrak has the strongest installer network in the GPS tracking industry.

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